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We support M&A, Startup, and Turnaround of your cross-border business in Japan

We integrate your vision into investments in Japan, and translate your strategy into action

Our Mission

We value the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Japan.  Understanding the unique characteristics of the country and its people, we guide you through your investments into high-potential assets.  We partner with clients to maximize the value of operational assets.

Our Services

HGMI supports cross-border M&A, start-ups, and Turnaround in Japan. We supports your dream come true by finding true issues and involving your team members and other related parties to solve the issues. 

Operational and financial due diligence services, including assessments on:

Post-investment support in:

Our Strength


HGMI consultants are the real veterans who have led and managed a cross-border M&A, PMI, Turnaround and Startup as CEO/President of the cross-border companies. Only such veterans can find root causes and provide true solutions.


HGMI consultants are the leaders with experiences and knowledge of leading companies. Only such leaders’ advice is to influence and involve people to solve the issues.


HGMI provides holistic advice, well-balanced between risk and priority, by analyzing every aspect of the issues from finance, HR, legal, IT to Tax.


HGMI consultants’ cross-cultural management skills enable their advice and solutions effective in the conflict caused by the cultural differences after cross-border M&A. 

Our Team Members

All of our senior consultants are the real veterans who have led and managed a cross-border M&A, PMI, and Turn-Around of Japanese operational assets as CEO, COO, or investment bank's representative.   

Our experiences cover the industries from hotel, apparel, food, golf, chain-stores, pharmaceutical research, local/national/international governments to restaurant.

Takeshi Yamakawa, MBA, CPA - Turnaround, Startup, PMI, Cross-border M&A, Organization, Business strategy, Global integration, Multi-cultural management

Norah Hayakawa, MPA, CPA, CIA, CISA - Operational and financial due-diligence, Internal audit, Risk management, Multi-cultural management


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