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We support PMI, Startup, M&A and Turnaround of your U.S. business


Horizon GMI USA, INC. supports U.S. subsidiaries of foreign clients at the time of cross-boarder M&As, startups, and other critical stages so that the clients become a competitive global organization.


  • Advisory services to the U.S. subsidiaries
  • Objective analysis/reporting to HQ's in foreign countries
  • Advisory services for U.S. cross-boarder M&As and PMI(Post Merger Integration) after the M&As
  • Hands-on daily management to promote M&A/PMI activities
  • Hands-on daily management services to turnaround U.S. subsidiaries by sending "Pinch-Hitter Management Team"

Our experiences cover all the industries from pharmaceutical, food service, manufacturing, research, apparel, e-commerce, chemical, energy, lease, finance, to franchise businesses.


All of our consultants are the real veterans who have led and managed cross-boarder M&As and PMIs as CEO, COO, HR Director, or Business Development Director of the U.S. companies.


Mike A Indivero - HR, Organization, Change Management, Restructuring, Turnaround, Cross-boarder M&A, PMI, Multi-cultural management

Takeshi Yamakawa - Turnaround, Startup, PMI, Cross-boarder M&A, Organization, Business strategy, Global integration, Multi-cultural management

Matthew McGowan - Multi-unit operations, Change management, Franchise business, Multi-cultural management, PMI, Startup

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Horizon GMI USA, INC

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Horizon Global Management & Integration, INC

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