Our Team Members


Senior Consultant

Michael is a pragmatic and innovative human resources executive and consultant with 35 years of global experience addressing complex business issues. He is an experienced change agent whose expertise includes: strategic planning, employee selection and development, organizational design and employee development, and M&As. Michael’s proactive employee and labor relations experience includes:  positive employee relations training and labor relations risk assessments, managing a successful decertification campaign and successful union avoidance campaigns, and collective bargaining experiences, and experience with strike preparation and strike duty. He also has experience with creating a new company from a corporate bankruptcy and reengineering a company which eventually resulted in an FDA Warning Letter being removed.   

Michael developed his career with Fortune 500 companies including Stauffer Chemical, Chesebrough-Ponds, Phibro Energy, General Signal, Halliburton and Enron. Michael has international experience with project assignments in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and Central America. He has worked for the SK Group of Korea, SNC-Lavalin of Canada, Skanska of Sweden  and the SNBL Group of Japan. 

In addition, Michael has extensive experience managing discrimination charges with various states and cities human rights commissions and with the EEOC. He has investigated discrimination charges, responded to interrogatories, prepared position statements, and been the chief spokesman at fact finding conferences. He has also negotiated discrimination charges settlement agreements, and supported counsel on employment law litigation matters, participating in discovers and depositions. And he has experience with Affirmative Action Programs, Diversity programs, OFCCP audits and managing OFCCP conciliation agreements.   

Michael received his BS in Liberal Studies from the University of the State of New York in Albany and his post graduate studies were in Industrial & Labor Relations at the University of New Haven. He has experience in diverse industries including chemical, consumer products, energy trading and refining, global power and manufacturing, construction, global trading, bottling, entertainment, trucking, security and life science. 

Michael is a Veteran of the Vietnam War serving in the U.S. Air Force and received an honorable discharge with service commendations.    


Senior Consultant

Matthew is a visionary, result-oriented executive with a proven and verifiable track record of improvement of various types of multi-unit operations located across the U.S. and globally. He served as operational head responsible for managing a direct chain food service business with more than 100 locations, as operator responsible for acquiring and transforming an underperforming franchisee network into a growing company with constant 20% EBITDA, and as operational director responsible for expanding multi-unit operations by strategically opening new units. Several stores and franchisees under his management have been awarded as franchisee of the year for the growth of revenue and quality.

With his operational excellence and negotiation skills, Matthew developed relationships with supermarkets enabling the company to acquire new markets with 50+ supermarkets in the United States and in the Great Britain.  He Led 600+ employees under his direct management team consisting of several directors, regional managers and district managers.  He negotiated the contract with the supermarket chains for operating food units within the 100+ retail locations of the supermarkets. 

Mathew is also an experienced change agent in multicultural settings during such critical times of companies as post-merger integration (PMI) after the acquisitions. He established a training & development program for the multi-national/ethnic employees across the continent, organized and led all the regional managerial meetings regularly, enabling them to effectively communicate with the clients, and significantly reduced turnover rate and increased the quality and profitability.   


Founder, CEO, Senior Consultant

Takeshi has served as CEO/President in various entities based in the United States since 2004. He has turned around the operations of companies of all sizes in the United States, including a global bio-analytical and preclinical business, a global food business, and a clinical development service company. In 2017, he established Horizon Global Management & Integration, INC. in Japan and in the United States, and has been managing the company supporting M&A, turn-around, post-merger-integration, and startup of various companies in the United States.

After graduating from Waseda University with BA in Law, he started his career as Economist/Analyst in the Japanese National Government.  He was promoted to various positions over 19 years including Director of Policy Planning of Cabinet Secretariat Office, Director of Policy Planning at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Deputy Director of International Peace Cooperation Headquarters of Prime Minister’s Office, and First Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C.  He also studied Management and Leadership in Olin Business School of Washington University with the sponsorship from the Japanese government and was conferred the MBA.